A love letter to me, a non-resident alien

Image from rawpixel.com

Your hands are a lovely color of caramel,

remember, you need less sunscreen

You have a “funny” accent, they say

but your english is lilting, musical and poetic

like your own language

Often, it is not enough to express all that you are

Don’t let that stand in your way! Switch to an “Aiyo!” if need be

Why tame or taint your wild, black hair?

Where else can hair like that be seen, but on your head?

It’s a masterpiece — let it be

Don’t hide your colorful clothes with their “strange” fits and flares

Where else can you find blue peacocks dancing on light as fluff cotton?

Someone sees the peacocks underneath the monochrome blues and beiges

It’s okay — let them see

I just noticed — your hands are a lovely shade of caramel

Stop fidgeting. Let them be! ❤

I'm a product manager living in San Francisco with a heart that refuses to leave Chennai! I enjoy writing about product management, technology, and food.

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